Can I cancel my order?

If we have not already ordered component materials on your account or not begun the manufacturing process, we would be happy to consider your request.

Can I inspect the goods before you ship?

Certainly. You can visit the factory to check the goods or we can send you random samples from the prepared shipment for your approval.

What if you deliver defective products?

Our exacting standards mean that this would be an extremely rare occurrence. In the event of it happening, our concern would always be for our customer and we would ensure that any losses are covered.

What if you deliver late?

We try very hard to ensure that we deliver a fantastic product at the promised delivery times. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and we encounter unforeseen circumstances which could cause delays. Our system is designed to anticipate such delays

What if you don’t deliver?

This has never happened, but in case the goods don’t comply with our high standards and we don’t have enough time to remake them, we will refund any amounts paid against them.

What are your delivery times?

Anything from 30 days to 120 days. This depends on your order quantity, time of placing order and whether the order is a new project or re-order.

How can I place an order?

Email is the best way to place an order with us. Send us a PO with all the relevant information including delivery dates and payment terms. Once reviewed, you’ll receive a confirmation email for your order.

Can you add labels for my brand? Can you source them?

Absolutely. We can source the main label, the hangtags and the packaging, all to be customized to your brand. To ensure timely delivery we request you to advice this in advance and allow enough time to procure these items. Please

What if I have additional questions that require more detailed answers than the above?

You may email punitgandhi@graceperfumes.com / sohaillgandhi@graceperfumes.com or if necessary call / WhatsApp Punit at +91-9833938732 or Sohaill at +91-9819972022

Can we produce home goods or premium products for promotional purposes or special events?

YES, we can of course provide you with promotional products. If you have any particular products in mind, do let us know or we can provide you with options from our vast catalogue of products.

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